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7/1/2022, 12:37 PM
Largest Contentful Paint
1.1 s
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First Input Delay
17 ms
First Contentful Paint
667 ms
We use Alertdesk to monitor all of our client's websites. We build eCommerce stores, which are a crucial part of our customer's business. This is why we need to make sure that all the integrations run smoothly and perform lightning fast.
How Alertdesk works
Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX)

Get access to historical
performance data

CrUX report

Hop into the DeLorean and travel back in time. The CrUX-report helps you instantly access historical performance data for your - and your competitors - website.

Yes, you read that right. Take a look at your competitor’s actual performance data.

It takes less than a minute, and you can add up to four sites.

See exactly how their users experience their website and use this knowledge to beat them in the search results.

The data shows how many of their visitors have had a good, moderate, or poor experience (in regards to Core Web Vitals).

We use data from the Chrome User Experience Report, which are metrics collected from real-world Chrome users.

We have data from more than 8,300,000 domains. The data gets updated every month and goes a year back*.

*If data is available for the domain.

Real User Experience (RUX)

Collect visitors Core Web Vitals
across your entire site

RUX report

Many website owners tend to solely measure their homepage when analyzing the performance of their website. Moreover, they only do it 'synthetically' (using software to emulate a user) and not with real users.

That's like going to the Louvre and only looking at Mona Lisa's nose. It might tell you something, but it certainly doesn't show the whole picture.

With Real User Experience monitoring (RUX), you can collect your actual visitors' Core Web Vitals - across your entire site.

Simply by adding a small snippet of JavaScript to your website, you gain invaluable insights into your visitor's User Experience.

Each page visit is given a score (RUX score) from 0 - 100, based on their Core Web Vitals and First Contentful Paint.

All pages on your website, which receives traffic, are given a 'total RUX score'; based on the visitors' average RUX score.

Navigate to the individual page report to see metrics for the latest 100 page views, RUX score chart for the past 7 or 30 days, and RUX score by country.

Lab analysis (Lighthouse audit)

Add poor-performing pages
to the Lab for in-depth analysis

Lab report

Once you've set up your RUX monitoring and started collecting data, it's time to take the next step by beginning to optimize poor-performing pages.

Add pages that need improvement to 'the Lab' for in-depth analysis. You can add pages manually or directly from the individual 'RUX page report'-page.

In the Lab, we run daily tests from both an emulated Mobile- and Desktop-device to precisely see how your site performs.

Track essential metrics such as Core Web Vitals, load time, page size, and much more. View third-party scripts and understand how they impact your speed.

Get recommendations and actionable insights on how to improve your page's performance.

Are you working with a developer or agency? No problem. Send them an invitation to your Alertdesk-account to give them access to the reports.

In the report, you will also find recommendations for best practices, SEO, and accessibility.

Our audits are powered by Google Lighthouse, which thousands of developers and website owners use every day.

Domain Monitoring

But wait, there's more.
We also keep track of your domain health.

Uptime Monitoring
Monitors your site every 5 minute – 24/7 and notify if downtime should occur.
SSL Validity
Monitor the validity of your SSL certificate daily and keep track of when it will expire.
Malware checker
Checks your domain for connections to malware servers and bad hosts.
Domain expiration
Never let your domain name expire - keep track of its expiration date.
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